bed buddies

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Title: Bed Buddies
Series: Rumor Has It
Release Date: December 2018
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When the bright lights of New York City sends her packing, Kinley Reed finds herself back in small town USA, with shattered dreams and a broken heart.


Miles from Broadway, Pine Valley may be where home was, but it’s certainly not where the heart is. Especially when it comes to men.

Town Pediatrician, and single dad, Jace Detweiler was hot, hot, hot. Pine Valley boasted all the small town charm the single dad might want to raise his son around, but he didn’t count on it being lonely.

A chance meeting, and twist of fate, leaves the unlikely couple consumed with one another in a one night only tryst of unbridled passion. When cranky Evelyn Shirley happens upon them lip locked and hot, she broadcasts it on Facebook for the entire town to see – pictures included. What started as Kinley’s humiliation quickly turned to Jace’s hopeful optimism.

Not willing to be taken down by the town busy body, Kinley concocts a plan to get even. A no strings attached fling, bed buddies, in the name of revenge. It gave her a chance to cut loose and find herself while it gave Jace a chance at forever.


Can the doctor heal all wounds and provide a satisfying life the dancer has been running from? Or will a choice between New York City dreams and Saturday morning cartoons wreck it all?