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Love, Cass

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Title: Love, Cass
Release Date: september 2019
Download the Ebook:
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Love, Cass is a heart wrenching story about life, love, and loss. Loosely based on true life events of Author Stephanie St. Klaire, Cass is a relatable story guaranteed to make you look at life through a different lens. In this emotionally charged roller coaster of events, Cass represents life in fiction as she achieves triumph over tragedy, even in death. Stephanie shares her inspirational tale of victory with symbolic representation as she says goodbye to the girl she once was...through Cass. 

As requested by Brother’s Keeper fans, here is the companion novel for Liam...

There’s something they don’t tell you about fairy tales. Happily ever after isn’t promised. Happy forever? Now, that’s a thing... 

I met my Prince Charming right out of pigtails and just before that point where boys stop being icky, and they just smell bad. Before I knew it, we went from best friends growing up to a whirlwind romance full of dream come trues. We were planning a forever that every love-soaked romance novel tries to recreate. I was living the ultimate romantic love story – skipped the frog phase and went straight to full blown prince. My life was perfect - until it wasn’t...

I’m dying. The fairy tale just changed a bit, didn’t it?


I can’t leave until those left behind know how to live their happy forever…without me. I won’t get the forever with them, but they’ll get a forever with me.


I’m Cassidy O’Reilly…and this is my story.

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