christmas in july

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Title: Christmas in july
Series: A McKenzie Ridge novella
Release Date: July 2019
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When Fifi Gallagher returns to McKenzie Ridge to settle her grandmother’s estate, she finds herself toe-to-toe with...a buffalo. 


A toothless opossum.

An emotional llama. 

And...a handsome silver fox. 


Fifi’s inherited more than just property — and apparently the jackass who lives there — and we aren’t talking about the hammock loving donkey.


Right on the heels of sparklers and the Star Spangled Banner, Fifi’s knee deep in twinkle lights and Jingle Bells when she takes her grandmother’s place as head of the town Christmas smoking hot July.


Doctor Jensen Bain — aka silver fox — finds himself standing toe-to-toe with the infamous Fiona “Fifi” Gallagher straight out of Hollywood - threatening eviction. Accidentally sleeping with her certainly wasn’t part of the plan or worth declaring a Christmas in July miracle, despite the fireworks — due to the stick up her pompous…*BEEP* 


From big city girl to small town animal whisperer, Fifi’s heart is suddenly torn between Hollywood and Holly-weird.


When mysterious letters from a secret admirer, known only as Santa, make her question if she’s meant for the spotlight and couture or wildlife and red checkered flannel.

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