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Title: fearless
Series: McKenzie Ridge
Release Date: May 2017
Download the Ebook:
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Readers are calling USA Today Bestselling Author & Screenwriter Stephanie St. Klaire a master at romantic suspense and shocking plot twists - this installment is case and point. Fearless continues to raise the bar in this 5-star series, McKenzie Ridge. This series just doesn’t stop entertaining from start to finish! All FIVE books are available now!

Lives are left hanging in the balance when tragedy strikes…

Everly Shaw is a spontaneous girl at heart who throws caution to the wind, the only risk she won’t gamble on… love.

When the walls begin to close in, she’s forced to battle demons she thought were buried long ago.
Everly must face her past in order to have the future she never knew she wanted - until life tosses her a curveball...or two.

Doctor Mason Charles knows exactly what he wants, and it’s Nurse Everly Shaw. The only problem, she doesn’t do relationships, but she will do late nights and secret rendezvous.

Doc is a patient man, but is he patient enough to wait for her change of heart, which may or may not happen?

Twists of fate, destiny, and maybe a little luck are all he needs to be a hero to the one person who ends up needing him most. He saves lives in the emergency room, but can he heal old wounds and a broken heart?

Wrongs become right, relationships unfold, and mysteries resolve only to find that good is being threatened by evil. Lives are at risk when danger hides under the cloak of friendship.

Will McKenzie Ridge be planning a wedding, or will it suffer yet another heartbreaking funeral?

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