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Release Date: June 2020
Download the Ebook:
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Ivy Kimble wasn’t just the one who got away. She was taken.


Vanished without a trace and has remained elusive for years.

When she finally returns, beaten within an inch of her life, the need to protect her is overwhelming. So is his hunch that she’s hiding something.

Dace O’Reilly spent years searching for his fiancé, and with every victory and disappointment, the alpha badass adds more ink, another piercing. A tribute. A battle scar.

When she shows up out of thin air, she’s not the innocent woman he once knew.

Ivy is at the top of a suspect list. Conspiracy, murder, cartel, arms dealing and drug running— the crimes stack up like bodies leaving Ivy standing in the middle.

He wants to believe her story, but the evidence reveals she’s more villain than victim, a criminal mastermind in a high stakes game.

A game Dace intends to win.

He’s fiercely protective and loyal to a fault. As former “off record” special ops he’s used to playing by a different set of rules. His own.

Rules be damned, revenge is coming.


Dace and Brother’s Keeper Security fight to clear Ivy’s name and bring down those who tried to destroy him and everything he stood for by taking her. Just when they think they’ve accomplished that…plot twist.

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