Sneaking Up On Love

A St. Helena Vineyard Kindle World Novella


Molly Sexton will stop at nothing until she lives out her fairytale. A romance worthy of one of the novels in her bookstore, and she’s certain she’ll find it in St. Helena. Why not? Her parents did.

Sexy St. Helena firefighter, Seth Spangler has his sights on the new girl.  He spends much of his free time as a regular customer at Reading Grounds, Molly’s bookstore, trying to muster up the courage to ask her out.  She leaves him absolutely smitten and completely speechless at every turn while he builds a handsome book collection instead.


But when the town’s cranky old busy body sets her sights on the two

not-quite love birds, she posts a barrage of twisted truths on Facebook. The duo quickly finds themselves in a precarious situation … where their relationship is the talk of the town.

Alliances are formed, sleuthing commences, and secrets unveil. Can Seth and Molly beat the old lady’s grapevine of gossip and find a happily ever after, or will there be one too many jokes on them to see it through?

"If you haven't read Stephanie St Klaire yet you should,she has quickly become a must read author. If you are looking for a funny,emotional read with an unexpected outcome for the town busybody this is it.It's like riding a rollercoaster and not wanting to get off."

- Lynne C.

"Such a sweet story Stephanie never disappoints such a talented writer. Currently I am reading St Helena series I
And I can honestly say I really can't tell that this book was not written by Marina Adair. Loved this book and love this writer!"

- Traci S..

"This story is so well-written. The cast of characters is amazing. There’s humor, drama, romance and love at its finest. Stephanie St. Klaire proves once again why she has steadily become one of the best new authors this year."


- Angela L., Alpha's Do It Better

Fall Fling

A St. Helena Vineyard Kindle World Novella


When the bright lights of New York City sends her packing, Heather Reed finds herself back in small town USA, with shattered dreams and a broken heart. Miles from Broadway, St. Helena may be where home was, but it’s certainly not where the heart is. Especially when it comes to men.

Town Pediatrician, and single dad, Clay Walker was hot, hot, hot and looking to settle down. St. Helena boasts all the small town charm the single dad was searching for when he moved to town with his son a few years ago. What the hopeless romantic didn’t count on was being lonely.

A chance meeting, and twist of fate, leaves the unlikely couple consumed

with one another in a one night only tryst of unbridled passion. When cranky Nora Kinkaid happens upon them lip locked and hot, she broadcasts it on Facebook for the entire town to see – pictures included. What becomes Heather’s humiliation quickly turns to Clay’s hopeful optimism.

Not willing to be taken down by the town busy body, Heather concocts a plan to get even. A no strings attached fling, in the name of revenge, gives her a chance to cut loose and find herself while it gave Clay a chance at forever. Can the doctor heal all wounds and provide a satisfying life the dancer has been running from? Or will a choice between New York City dreams and Saturday morning cartoons wreck it all?