Brother’s Keeper security operative Cane O’Reilly has one job, keep Charlie Adams alive.


When witness protection fails her, more than once, he’s tasked with protecting the only surviving victim of an infamous deranged killer.

Cane will stop at nothing to protect the beautiful and fierce Charlie, but international serial killer Anson Deveraux will go to the ends of the earth to find her... and finish what he started.

The Keepers series will keep you on the edge of your seat as Cane and Charlie find romance on the run amidst a cult uprising, a diabolical killer who won’t stay dead and a trail of bodies from Vegas to Portland...


Get to know Cane and Charlie as they launch the pulse pounding, edge of your seat series...The Keepers.

Learn more about each of The Keepers by reading Deadly Pursuit, Fatal Diversion, and Royal Reckoning.


Don't worry...there are many more Keepers to come!